And so, we come to Snapchat, which in many ways is the black sheep of this group. Snapchat is the one that started it all of course, but it’s also the one that in some ways is the most limiting for marketers. That’s because Snapchat doesn’t have a live feed or page where permanent content can be placed. It also lacks some of the advanced tools that other platforms benefit from.

Another issue with Snapchat – and one that doesn’t get raised often – is that it is actually not programmed all that well. The app takes up more space than it should, uses more memory, and doesn’t have the most intuitive interface. But it remains popular. In fact, it is still the 5th most popular social network of all, and has 330+ million users every month. Consider too that the entire experience is built around Stories in this case. So if you’re going to be creating Stories to share on Facebook and Instagram, then you might as well post the same ones here as well!

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